Our product comes with Microsoft Windows which is a product and trademark of Microsoft Corporation. Please refer to Microsoft for information on their Windows Product.

Please see the following link: Windows Help and Learning for more information.


  1. Login

    1. The Login screen will ask for a user name and password, please enter this information as created during the windows setup process.

    2. After logging in, the windows desktop will be displayed

  2. Windows desktop

    1. The desktop will have a task bar that is usually on the bottom of the screen. If this is not show, place you mouse at the bottom of the screen and the task bar will show.

  3. Windows Task bar - this provides access to all the major controls

      1. On the left is the windows Icon. Clicking on this will bring up

        1. Power icon with options to shutdown or restart

        2. Settings icon from which most of the windows settings can be changed

        3. User icon which shows the currently logged in user

      2. On the right hand side of the task bar are control icons. The most useful are

        1. Speaker Icon to change volume control and audio settings

        2. Network Icon to review and change network settings

      3. Applications can be opened by clicking on windows icon and scrolling or searching in the search box

      4. Applications that are open can be pinned to the task bar for easy access by right clicking over the icon in the task bar