1. Starting your computer is very easy. Once its all connected per the Connecting your computer instructions, simply press the power button on the front to turn it on.

  2. On pressing the power button the monitor should display a brief BIOS screen and then you should see the Microsoft Windows Startup screen.

    1. If this is the first time that you are starting the computer, you will be walked through a series of screens to configure the computer.

    2. This will include creating a user name and password for use with this computer. Please keep a record of this as it may be needed for each login, depending on how you have configured your system.

  3. If the system is already configured or after configuration you should be shown your windows desktop

  4. Your mouse and key board should work allowing you to start using your computer.

  5. If this is your first time use, run through some simple checks as follows;

    1. Test your network by opening your browser and typing to see if you have network access.

    2. Test your audio by going to a YouTube clip and playing it.

    3. If these do not work, please go to the Troubleshooting section under Support