1. With the (1) Computer power cable and (6) Monitor cable NOT connected to an AC outlet, connect all the cables as shown in the diagram above.

    1. All cable connectors are keyed such that only the correct cable will fit in the correct connector socket.

    2. All connections should seat fully into their respective sockets without using force.

    3. Connections:

      1. The power cable fits into a power connector socket on the back of the computer.

      2. The (3) Video cable will be an HDMI cable, identified by the HDMI cable connector on each end. See diagram below. One end of this cable will be connected to an HDMI socket and the back of the computer and the other end will be connected to an HDMI socket on the monitor.

        1. If there are multiple HDMI sockets on either the computer or monitor it does not matter which one the cables are connected to, it will auto detect.

      3. The (4) USB keyboard cable and the (5) USB mouse cable can be connected into any convenient USB socket on the computer either on the back or the front.

      4. If you have a wired network connection, this will have an ethernet cable that can be connected to the ethernet socket on the back of the computer.

      5. If you are enabling WiFi, connect the WIFI antenna to the antenna connections on the back of the computer.

  2. Connect the (6) Monitor cable to an AC outlet and press the power On button on the monitor. The monitor will have an LED light on it that turns on to indicate it is powered on.

  3. Connect the (1) Computer power cable to an AC outlet.

  4. Press the power button on the computer.

    1. As the computer powers up, the fans should turn on and this sound should be audible.

    2. As the computer powers up, the monitor should show the BIOS screen and then a Microsoft Windows startup screen.

    3. Moving the mouse should move the mouse cursor on the screen

    4. If the above steps do not happen, refer to the troubleshooting guide.

  5. Congratulations! Your computer is booting up

  6. Follow the on screen instructions