1. No Windows or desktop screen is shown, only a Black or Blank screen.

    1. Is it CONNECTED? Has the computer been working before? If not please recheck the “Connecting your computer” section.

    2. Is the COMPUTER ASLEEP?

      1. Press a keyboard key or move the mouse to wake up the computer if it is asleep. Wait 30 seconds. If there is still no windows screen

    3. Is the COMPUTER ON?

      1. Is the POWER SWITCH On?

        1. Check the power switch on the front of the computer. This may light up if the computer is on.

      2. Is the computer power cable connected to a working AC socket? If yes

      3. A good way to confirm if the computer is on is to look for LED lights on the computer being on or listen for the fans running in the computer. These should be audible when you put your ear close by.

    4. Is the MONITOR ON?

      1. A LED light should be on on the front panel of the monitor. If it is not ON

        1. Find and press the button to turn the monitor on. If not ON

          1. Is the monitor plugged into an AC outlet? If yes

        2. If the Monitor is ON

          1. Is the video cable from the computer to the monitor connected? If yes

            1. If the monitor has multiple cable input sockets, it should auto detect. But if not, use keys on the monitor to get to the monitor menu and ensure the monitor input is set to the socket the cable is plugged into. Please refer to the Monitor use manual.

      2. If there is more than one monitor connected to the computer. Power down the computer by unplugging the computer power cable. Disconnect all but one monitor from the computer, reconnect the computer power cable to an AC outlet and repeat check from steps above.

    5. HARD RESET the computer - see this section


  1. Windows Screen or desktop is shown but the is no response to mouse or keyboard activity

    1. Recheck the mouse and or keyboard connections as shown in the Connecting your Computer section.

      1. Unplug and re-plug in these connections.

      2. If no effect, HARD RESET the computer


  1. No AUDIO

    1. We do not support connecting and configuring external audio products. However we suggest the following.

    2. Go to youTube and play a video clip to TEST AUDIO. If no audio

    3. Check the VOLUME control and TEST AUDIO.

      1. The windows taskbar should have an icon on the right that shows the shape of a speaker. This is the audio output selector and the volume control.

        1. Ensure the VOLUME is UP

        2. Ensure the AUDIO OUTPUT device selected is your audio device.

    4. Disconnect and reconnect the audio product and TEST AUDIO.

      1. If this is headphones, unplug and replug these in.

    5. RESTART the system by and TEST AUDIO

    6. Ensure that the correct AUDIO DRIVERS are installed. Refer to your audio product manual



    1. We do not support connecting and configuring your network. However we suggest the following.

    2. First Check your NETWORK connection.

      1. Open a web browser and type CNN in the search box. If this does not show up.

    3. Was your network working previously? If not, check your network wiring and configuration. If it was working

    4. Select the network device icon in the windows task bar on the right. This should indicate network status. If the network status is inactive.

    5. Is your network connection a WIRED ethernet connection?

      1. Is your ethernet connection cable plugged into the ethernet socket on the computer?

      2. Is the Ethernet line active? If Active the ethernet cable is connected to a router/Access Point or Switch.

        1. If it is not active, check your ethernet cable wiring.

      3. If it is active, check the other end, your Router/Access point or Switch.

    6. If your network connection is a wireless WIFI connection?

      1. Is your computer WIFI connector connected to an Antenna? If not, ensure it is connected?

      2. Is the WIFI antenna in range of the WIFI access point?

        1. This range is highly variable depending on the building/walls amount of metal and the distance from the WIFI Access point.

          1. For the 2.4GHz band the best performance is less than 100feet away.

          2. For 5GHz bands the best performance is less than 50 feet away. This distance is measured from the AP to your computer antenna and can be in any direction, including vertical.


      1. Power off your AP, wait 30 seconds, plug it back in, and wait 30 seconds.

      2. RESTART your computer so it makes a fresh request for an IP address from the ACCESS POINT and check your NETWORK CONNECTION.

      3. Check your WIFI Access Point configuration.

    8. Check your Internet Access provider GATEWAY.

      1. Power off your GATEWAY, and ROUTER/ACCESS POINT, wait 30 seconds for the internal circuits to discharge. You can power these off by simply unplugging the power cord

      2. Power the GATEWAY back on, by plugging it back on and turning on the power switch if there is one.

      3. Power the ROUTER/ACCESS POINT back on, by plugging it back on and turning on the power switch if there is one. This will refresh its WAN connection with the GATEWAY.

      4. RESTART your computer, to refresh its IP address and test your NETWORK CONNECTION

RESTART the computer

      1. Select windows start key

      2. Select Power button

      3. Choose restart

      4. Wait for reboot and login screen or desktop

HARD RESET the computer

        1. This is used to restart the system if it ever becomes fully unresponsive and you have waited for it to respond for a long time.

        2. To do this with the computer and monitor powered up and connected, so you can observe screen activity

          1. Press and hold the computer power button for over 30 seconds. This will force a shutdown of the computer.

          2. Then press the computer power button again to start it again